Naughty Boy Piñata Gets Bashed In At 1D Concert


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NB_OneD The feud between One Direction and producer Naughty Boy has been rocky as of late and a recent event at a Kansas City concert has only added fuel to the fire.


Fans of the boy group brought a monkey piñata with Naughty Boy’s face pasted on it (um, racist much?) to the band’s On the Road Again tour stop in Kansas City. At one point during a performance of “Story of My Life,” the piñata ended up on stage. Then things got fun.
According to witnesses, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne went to town on the party prop body-slamming it, kicking it, and bashing its head in. Fans loved it, though we doubt there was candy inside. Or Molly. Well, maybe Molly. NB_LouisTomplinson After reports of trouble surfaced between Naughty Boy and Zayn Malik, and Niall Horan dissed the producer in concert, it seems like these boys are showing a lot of brotherly love once again. Don’t forget to hit up those girls on Instagram to thank them, Directioners.

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