Mother Cow and Calf Reunite And Their Reaction Is Priceless


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A Distressed Mother Cow Is Reunited With Her Calf

If you’ve ever had any doubts that animals cannot forge loving bonds between a parent and its offspring, this video will prove you wrong.


The Gentle Barn, an animal rescue in Santa Clarita, Calif., rescued Karma, a brown and white cow, but when Karma arrived at Gentle Barn, the cow was in clear distress and crying often. MotherCow_Mom2 What co-owners of Gentle Barn, Jay Weiner and Ellie Laks, didn’t realize was that Karma had recently given birth. According to their YouTube video, cows develop a “maternal instinct equivalent to that of a human.” If a mother is separated from her calf, she can cry for days searching for her baby. Weiner and Laks knew they needed to do something. They contacted the same people who had given them Karma and immediately asked that the baby calf be sent as well.
Though the moment is tense when the calf sees its mother for the first time again causing the calf to faint from exhaustion and the stress, the video shows that even animals possess the ability to develop amazing bonds between a mother and her baby. MotherCow_Reunited

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