Heartwarming Video of Mom Receiving Build-A-Bear Present — See What Brings Her to Tears


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Source: Mom Breaks Down After Daughter Gives Her A Teddy Bear With Late Husband’s Laugh Built-In by Softballpao on Rumble
“A good laugh heals a lot of hurts.” – A Ring of Endless Light author Madeleine L’Engle


Mom Danira Quijada lost her husband to cancer. To celebrate her birthday, her children gave their mom the greatest gift of all — laughter. Literally. They went to Build-A-Bear and had a recording of their late father’s laugh sewn into the bear. Danira was immediately delighted by the adorable bear, dressed as a cowboy. But she broke into tears at the sound of her lost partner’s laugh. We cannot imagine Danira and her children’s pain at the loss of a family member. However, this video is a beautiful testament to the power of laughter. Perhaps it truly is the best medicine of all.

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