Molly Sims Pregnant With Third Child


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Model-turned-actress Molly Sims is expecting her third child.

The Yes Man star and her producer husband Scott Stuber are already parents to 4-year-old son Brooks Alan and 16-month-old daughter Scarlett May, and now they have announced they will welcome a new baby later this year.


The pregnancy came as a surprise for the couple and Sims admits she has some reservations about having a baby at 43, but she knows everything will ultimately work out. “It’s a Hail Mary!” she tells People. “I’m so happy – we’re so blessed. We were so shocked, but we’re thrilled.” “Being 43 is a little worrisome, cause I’m like, ‘OK, you are going to be 90’,” she continues. “But then Mick Jagger (is having a baby at 72) so we’re like, ‘OK, we feel good about ourselves’.” And she reveals pregnancy the third time around is very different from her last two. “I have never had more morning sickness in my life – I have been sick from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed,” she explains. “I have thrown up in the Bristol Farms parking lot and I have thrown up outside of a restaurant. It’s just bad!” However, the morning sickness is not stopping the mom-to-be from focusing on her family and launching her own lifestyle YouTube channel on August 16. “It’s just a peek into my life – like what kind of kid food do I eat, family meals, DIY stuff…,” she says. “It’s everything from food and fashion to beauty.” “Moms still wanna be cool – even at 43 – and because I have the in with stylists, it’s a good way for people to have access to that through my channel,” she adds. “I really love it because it’s the life I’m living.”

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