Miley Cyrus Terrified of Pet Pig


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Miley Cyrus terrified of pet pig

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Miley Cyrus was given Pig-Pig as a gift backstage at a concert by the man behind the Bubba Teeth novelty empire and she decided to keep the porker, but now she’s no longer a piglet she has become a threat to Miley’s pet dogs and to the singer herself.



The animal has made a home of Miley’s living room and the singer tells U.S. chat show host Jimmy Kimmel, “I’ve taken out all the furniture pretty much because she eats everything. Her favorite food is ankles…   “It’s huge… My dogs are getting a little terrified of this pig. I’m also getting a little scared of the pig because the other day she started to attack me… I was running around my living room, screaming, like, ‘Why don’t you love me Pig? I just love you so much, I just wanna pet you’.   “Then I realized I was holding a peach and as soon as I dropped the peach out of fear, she was fine. She just wanted my peach.   “As long as you feed her you can play with her all day long, but when the food runs out, you become the food. It’s terrifying.”   And Miley admits her family and friends fear Pig-Pig will kill her in her sleep one night: “Everyone’s like, ‘Y’know we have these nightmares, Cyrus, of you just passing out on the couch or something…'” Miley might give away the pig, but not before she makes tribute to her friend Justin Bieber for his “What Do You Mean” countdown.
Courtesy of Miley Cyrus' Instagram

Courtesy of Miley Cyrus’ Instagram

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