Matthew Perry: ‘I Won’t Fight Justin Trudeau Now, He Has an Army!’


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Matthew Perry:


Matthew Perry has respectfully declined a request for a fight rematch with his childhood foe Justin Trudeau, because the Canadian Prime Minister is now in charge of the nation’s army.

Last month, the former Friends star, famed for his role as Chandler Bing on the hit sitcom, confessed he used to bully a young Trudeau when they were just kids attending Rockcliffe Park Public School in Ottawa, Canada.


Perry admitted he felt terrible about the old feud, and for April Fool’s Day on Saturday, the world leader, who took office in 2015, responded to the actor’s remarks by jokingly proposing a redo. “I’ve been giving it some thought, and you know what, who hasn’t wanted to punch Chandler?” Trudeau, 45, wrote on Twitter. “How about a rematch @MatthewPerry?” On Sunday, the politician got his response, after funnyman Perry weighed up his chances. “I think I will pass at your request for a rematch kind sir (given that you currently have an army at your disposal),” he quipped. Perry came clean about his past as a school bully during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, on which he revealed he and a pal ganged up on Trudeau because they were jealous of his talents — and they weren’t concerned that he was the son of then-Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. “My friend Chris Murray, who was also in the fifth grade in Canada, reminded me that we actually beat up Justin Trudeau,” the star shared. “I think he was excelling in a sport that we weren’t so it was pure jealousy. We beat him up. I’m not bragging about this. It was terrible. I was a stupid kid.”

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