Mass Shooting In Charleston Has Nothing To Do With Mental Illness


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Dylan_Roof So, here we go again. Another shooting performed by a young, white male and our society keeps yelling “mental illness.” Instead of calling these men what they really are — white supremacists, racists, completely aware of their actions — we simply say that they must not be right in the head. Well, duh! Of course they aren’t right in the head. Any normal person understands and respects that you’re not supposed to shoot people simply because you don’t like them.


And while society continues to scream “mental illness,” mental health experts tend to be a bit baffled. Why do we scream “mental illness” when statistics show that most people who commit violent crimes don’t have a mental illness? Research actually shows the opposite — people with mental illness are more likely to be the victims instead of the perpetrators. For some reason, our society has gotten to the point where it associates people with mental illness as those who are scary and dangerous, and this is exactly why the term “mental illness” gets thrown around during the wake of mass shootings. When are people going to see that it’s not mental illness? Why do we always have to blame people’s actions on some sort of made up mental health condition? Why can’t we call these people what they really are? Stupid and evil. A white cop goes into a “bad neighborhood,” shoots two people in a car and the officer simply walks away in no trouble at all. Do we call him mentally ill? No, of course not. But one young white boy goes into a Charlestion church and kills nine black people and we immediately call in the mental health professionals. They can’t help us, folks. We’re not living in a society where all the mentally ill people are murdering everyone. We’re living in a society where the worst crimes are committed by perfectly sane people — cops, soldiers, bureaucrats. And if you think there’s a pill that society can take to quit aiding and abetting monstrous evil, please let us know. We have yet to find any mental health professional with a pill-popping solution to society’s latest mass shooting.

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