Golden Retriever Rescues Drowning Baby Dear


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Source: Mark Freeley Facebook

Meet Storm, a golden retriever in New York who is being hailed a hero.

Storm and his owner Mark Freeley were out for a walk by the Long Island Sound when they saw something unusual. Storm spotted a drowning baby dear and immediately jumped in the water in an attempt to save it.


Check out the incredible rescue below.
Storm just plunged into the water and started swimming out to the fawn, grabbed it by the neck, and started swimming to shore,” Freeley told CBS News. Storm managed to grab the baby deer and swim it back to shore. The baby deer was so exhausted and could not move once it was back on land. Storm stayed right by the deer’s side, checking to make sure it was OK. “He started nudging it, and started pulling it to make sure she was gonna be OK I guess,” Freeley said to CBS News. Freeley knew the deer needed help and called the Strong Island Animal Rescue League for some assistance. However, the rescuers spooked the deer when they arrived and causing it to run back into the water. Frank Floridia, one of the rescue workers, quickly jumped in the water and helped the deer return to shore. “It was a do-or-die situation,” Floridia told the New York Daily News. “I really didn’t have much of a choice. If I didn’t go in the water, the deer would’ve died.” Floridia was able to save the deer and later brought it to the Star Foundation, a Long Island nonprofit animal rescue center. At the rescue center, the baby deer was treated for its cuts and bruises and removed of ticks. Right now, the rescuers plan to keep the baby deer until it recovers. When it is back to full health, they plan to release it back into the wild.
Once the deer was in good hands, Freely made sure to reward Storm for his heroism. Now those are some well-deserved treats!
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