Grieving Mother Gets Heartwarming Surprise When Visiting Son’s Grave


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This tiny red robin might seem like the typical bird, but for Marie Robinson it meant the world.


Four years ago, Robinson had lost her 4-year-old son to brain cancer. On the anniversary of his death, Robinson was visiting his grave when she saw a red robin land nearby in a comforting coincidence. The bird was reportedly very comfortable in its surroundings and was not afraid of Robinson at all. The bird landed right on her foot and then on her fingers when she held them out as a perch. “Yes it brought me to tears,” Robinson wrote on Facebook. “Taking it as a sign from Jack.”
The video was quick to touch many hearts on social media and went viral with over 112,000 shares. Many users commented on how sweet the random encounter truly was. “He wants you to know that he is still here, with you. He is watching over you and he is happy. May God bless you and Jack rest in peace,” one user wrote. “So peaceful and beautiful. So glad for you,” shared another. Robinson hopes her video will help others and shed a light on childhood brain tumors. “Would like to say if my little robin footage can help raise awareness of childhood brain tumors, cancers, the grief of losing a child then it’s a positive thing. I have read loads and loads of heartfelt messages from loads of people,” Marie Robinson wrote on Facebook, following up with her video. She continued, “It is unbelievable how much a robin symbolizes in a lot of people messages.”
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