Watch the Beautiful Moment Chimp Reunites With Caretaker 3 Years After Rescue


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Source: Rumble Viral YouTube

You are going to want the tissues nearby for this sweet reunion.

After three long years, Manno the chimpanzee was reunited with a familiar face. The chimp was rescued from a trafficking situation in Northern Iraq and brought to a sanctuary for a better life.


After the chimpanzee was taken out of the trafficking situation, he was brought to Sweetwater Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Kenya. Manno’s life was instantly turned around at the sanctuary, giving him a better place to call home. However, Manno’s caretaker had no idea where he had gone and was desperate to find the chimp. It took three long years, but the pair was finally reunited. Manno’s caretaker had tracked him down, yet he had to wait for the chimp’s quarantine to be over to give him a hug. As soon as the caretaker opened the door, Manno was thrilled. Manno jumped off his bed to give his caretaker a long and very well-deserved hug. Watch the incredible reunion below. Make sure you SHARE the video with your friends who might want to see this.
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