‘America’s Got Talent’ Stunt Ends in Near Disaster After Man Shot in Neck With Flaming Arrow


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Source: HuffPost/Pinterest/America's Got Talent

Source: HuffingtonPost/Pinterest/America’s Got Talent

Well, that escalated quickly.

The whole premise of America’s Got Talent is to showcase individuals with incredible, unbelievable skills, no matter how death-defying they may be. Daredevils Ryan Stock and AmberLynn Walker, luckily, were able to do some death-defying of their own in front of a live audience.


On Tuesday night’s episode of America’s Got Talent, Stock and Walker decided to try a new, dangerous stunt. Stock was to swallow a lamp-pole with a bulls-eye on the end of it, with Walker aiming to hit the bullseye with a flaming arrow. Sounds easy, right? Check out what happened:
Walker was perched on a ladder when her shot missed, instead hitting Stock directly in the throat. The camera quickly pans away to the shocked and horrified judges, and then the show cuts off to a pre-recording with Howie Mandel. Stock, who suffered only a minor injury, recently came out and commented on the mishap on his Facebook page:
Stock graciously relieves his partner of any blame for the accident, as well as providing his theory for why it went awry. On the one hand, you’re glad he’s okay and that they both can try this again, but on the other, do you really want them to? Ouch.

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