Man Uses Winning McDonald’s Monopoly Prizes to Help Feed the Homeless


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Source: McDonald's

Source: McDonald’s

While McDonald’s may not be the healthiest food choice around, it is pretty cheap and quick when it comes to grabbing some lunch or dinner. Thankfully, one man found a way to justify eating there by helping out the poor at the same time.

Matt Lawson is putting the McDonald’s Monopoly game to good use. Lawson posted a photo on Facebook sharing that if you ever win a free meal, you should give it to the homeless instead of keeping it for yourself.


Since Lawson posted his idea on Facebook, it has been shared over 17,000 times (as of time of press). Lawson’s simple idea is great for everyone because there is no extra cost and it guarantees the homeless person a meal. Lawson’s idea has been so successful that many people are now contacting their local McDonald’s and asking them to set up a jar for the extra winning vouchers. That way someone less fortunate can just come in and grab a free meal. Lawson first thought of the idea after he saw a homeless man on the street. “I saw a guy on a corner who looked like he was doing it tough,” he shared with Metro. “I parked, took a photo of the voucher and gave [the voucher] to him. He was a proud man and told me that he’d been a banker, but a series of events had left him on the streets. He claimed his burger, shook my hand and moved on. I decided to put my idea on my photography page as it had a decent following and the response has been overwhelming.” Lawson admits that while it isn’t the healthiest option, it is better than nothing. “While it is junk food, a person that hasn’t eaten for days will appreciate it, and it makes people aware of the homeless issue and teaches them to give.”
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