Police Officer Makes a Pit Stop on His Lunch Break to Play Hopscotch With a Little Girl


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Forget iPads and cell phones, this little girl from Texas is proving you can have all the fun with just some chalk. Detective Lyle Gensler was returning to the police station from his lunch break when he saw a little girl playing hopscotch on the sidewalk. He waved to the girl and when she waved back, he thought it would be nice to join her for a round of the classic game. Gensler didn’t think the guys back at the station would believe his story, so he had the girl’s mother record a round of their game. I didn’t think anyone would believe me when I went back to the station and told them I played hopscotch with a little girl,” Gensler said to Inside Edition. Gensler, who is part of the Grand Prairie Police Department, then uploaded the adorable moment to Twitter where the video quickly got a lot of attention. People were in awe after seeing his kind gesture. “I never, ever, thought that it would get so much attention,” Gensler told Inside Edition. “It just blows me away Gensler had a great time playing hopscotch and even showed the little girl how to play with a “lagger.” Gensler’s main concern was not winning however, but keeping his balance during his turn. We’re “pretty top-heavy because of all the gear we carry,” Gensler told Inside Edition. “So when I leaned down to pick up the rock, I almost fell over.” Gensler has gotten nothing but positive feedback for his sweet video. “The positive feedback from the post has been most encouraging for me, and I suspect law enforcement as a whole,” Lyle Gensler told Your Daily Dish. “The public perception of what we do with most of our time differs from the fact that we really do spend a lot of time getting to know the communities we serve.” He continued, “In this case, it was just a simple game of hopscotch.”
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