Lupita’s Glam Dress Stolen, Was it a fake?


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Lupita Nyong’o glammed, famed for her role as Fanny in the award winning ’12 Years a Slave’ by Steve McQueen, wowed the 2015 Oscars with a sparkling pearl white dress. The dress by Calvin Klein is said to be worth a whopping $150,000, which is ridiculous but you know, Hollywood. Little did she know somebody was eyeing the dress, not to buy it, but rather to snatch it on a major discount.

After the evening award show, Lupita changed outfits and left the expensive dress in her room, only to come back later and find it missing. It was quite a puzzle as no one knew how the dress disappeared without detection. Luckily the L.A sheriff department arrived at the scene and discovered the dress.


In a funny twist, the thief returned the dress! It was found stuffed under the sink in the London hotel where it was first stolen. Rumor has it the burglar tested the pearls, only to find they were fake. After discovering the dress was fake and not worth a dime, he felt cheated and returned the dress. The Calvin Klein team was relieved by the return of the dress and has taken it back to verify that it’s the original. They have also stopped the police from pursuing the matter further claiming they are satisfied with the outcome. Now, I don’t know about you but this situation raises many questions to me. Like did Calvin Klein really give Lupita Nyong’o pearls to wear all night? This means the dress was worth nowhere near that $150K price tag right? Was Lupita aware the dress was a fake? If not, what was her reaction to the news that her dress was actually fake? And are we sure the thief wasn’t the guy from Ocean’s 12?

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