A London Underground Station Has Been Taken Over by Cats


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Source: Cats Protection Facebook

Source: Cats Protection Facebook

A London Underground station has done some redecorating and in the process has been taken over by cats. However, the redesign is for a very good cause.

The Clapham Common tube station advertisements were taken over with 68 different photos of cats. The project comes from an organization called Glimpse, who hopes to use their creativity for a good cause. Their first project, the Citizens Advertising Takeover Service, or CATS, raised the money for the redesign with the help of 700 donations from a Kickstarter campaign.

£23k has been raised and used to turn all the ads in #ClaphamCommon station into pictures of cats ??

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The Kickstarter was very successful and was able to raise over $33,000, allowing the project to exceed its goal. The goal of the project was to provide a “relaxing, fun and light-hearted space” away from commercial advertising, shared the BBC.

12 SEP: A London Underground station has been taken over by cats – with all advertisements replaced with pictures of the animals. Almost 700 people helped the Citizens Advertising Takeover Service (Cats) raise £23,000 to buy the advertising space at Clapham Common station. The cats have appeared on advertising boards with the aim of providing a "relaxing, fun and light-hearted" space free from commercial adverts, Cats said. James Turner, from the collective, said: "It's really caught people's imagination – everyone loves cats. The idea of a relaxing and peaceful space just with pictures of cats is appealing. People are interested because there's no brand, no commercial reason for doing it." PHOTO: Dominic Lipinski/PA #BBCSnapshot #photography #photojournalism #cats #underground #London

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While the people behind the project realize it may be silly and a little bit out there, they hope it will make people smile. “Dumb yes, but also this is about trying something, flexing our collective voice in the most idiotic of ways,” the organizers shared. “From all this madness something amazing could happen. Perhaps we’ll start to realize that buying stuff isn’t making us happy. Maybe cats won’t make us happy either, but it’s got to be better than insurance adverts.”


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The project also hopes to spread awareness about stray cats. Many of the cats featured on the posters are from two different rescue homes and can be adopted.
See more about the project below and check out how you can help rescue the cats here.

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