Lily Cole Gives Birth To Baby Daughter


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Courtesy of WENN Newsdesk

Model Lily Cole has given birth to a baby daughter, the British native announced Friday.

The flame-haired model and her businessman boyfriend Kwame Ferreira named the baby Wylde Cole Ferreira, and posted the news on Twitter.


She wrote, “Delighted to say we had a little girl” and provided a link to her website where she has posted a poem dedicated to her daughter. It reads: “Born on the hottest day… Ordinary. Extraordinary. Witchcraft. Wilderness. Love beyond doubt. Love, a fact of life. Without fear or choice. Wylde Cole Ferreira. We have a little girl – YAY!” The poem was accompanied by a photograph of the model with her baby. The Cambridge graduate met Ferreira in 2012, and revealed her pregnancy news in March.

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