From The Lawsuit Files: Yes To Lottery Suit, No To Fajita Suit


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Lawsuits are dropping every day. In fact, you can pretty much sue anybody for anything. That doesn’t mean your case will have merit or it will make it out of the first court filing, but sue away! On today’s docket, a liquor storeowner is suing the 53-year-old woman who landed one million cool bucks from a scratch-off ticket. According to Laxmi Bhardwaj, the owner, Eva Reyes, the winner, promised to split the prize with him 50/50. Part of the reason was that he fronted the cash for the ticket in the first place.

According to court documents, Bhardwaj has a note allegedly signed by Reyes promising him the dough. According to Reyes, she only promised him $50,000. Let’s unpack this, shall we? First, why would you make a written agreement on a scratcher ticket? It would take longer to write the note than to find out you lost. Second, if you don’t have the spare ten dollars it costs to buy the Emerald scratcher ticket perhaps you shouldn’t be playing the scratcher ticket.


Third, if you are going to lend someone money to buy a lottery ticket on the promise of splitting the rewards, for crying out loud get a witness. Meanwhile, poor Mrs. Reyes just wants to take her family on a dream vacation to Hawaii but the $350,000 (prize after taxes) is being held in escrow until they sort it out. Across the country in New Jersey, another potential litigant isn’t so lucky. His case has been tossed out quicker than you can say, “Sizzling fajitas.” Apparently, some dude went to Applebee’s and ordered the sizzling fajitas. When the sizzling platter arrived at this table, he bowed his head over the fajita goodness to offer up a prayer. Instead, the grease popped, his face got burned, he freaked and knocked the whole sizzling fajitas platter into his lap. This is not funny. (Okay, it’s a little funny). Thankfully, there were no scars from the burns. One wonders at what clues did this guy miss to make him think it was okay to put his face into the sizzling fajitas? Was it the giant over mitt used to deliver the platter? Was it the warnings from the waiter saying, “Hot, hot, hot?” Was it the actual sizzling of meat and veggies with Mexican spices? Plus, what was the basis of his lawsuit, “They didn’t tell me the sizzling fajitas would actually be sizzling, your honor.”
Next, time order the avocado salad. Nice and cold.

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