Kid Rock Is a Grandpa. Feeling Old Yet?


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He’s a rocker. He’s a rebel. He’s a grandpa. Yes, Kid Rock can now officially be called granddad or paw-paw or pappy. His son Bobby Jr. (who knew Kid’s first name was Bobby?) and his wife welcomed a baby girl this past Christmas.

“It was the best Christmas gift ever,” the rocker told the Detroit News. “It keeps my hillbilly street cred in order, being a grandpa at 44.”


Kid is out promoting his latest album First Kiss. It is described as a “heavily country and classic rock-influence” sound. This is his first album since 2012’s Rebel Soul. “If anything, it reminds me of what’s going on in country radio,” he told the Detroit News. “They’re basically doing classic rock songs, and I wanted to do that with a little heavier twist, with a great melody and a great country lyric, and use a little bit of that hip-hop world that I’m engulfed in. Just trying to do the best of all worlds.” One of the first songs Kid came up with for the album was FOAD. That’s an acronym for _____ off and die. You can probably fill in that first four-letter word. Let’s hope he’s not using that kind of language around the granddaughter.
A new album also means a new tour. Kid’s fans will appreciate the ticket price. Like the last tour, Kid is keeping the cost at $20 per ticket. He also insists that anybody selling beer, T-shirts and parking at his concerts keep their prices low, too. “Everything from sporting events to concerts, everything’s out of hand with the prices,” he noted. Thanks, grandpa!

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