Watch This Baby Raise the Roof Each Morning After Being Unswaddled


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Kent Siri

Source: KPtheBaby YouTube

Talk about a cuteness overload!

When 34-year-old Kent Siri was “unwrapping” his son from being swaddled, he noticed something pretty funny. Every time his son was released from the blanket, he would raise his arms up immediately.


After realizing his son’s adorable behavior, Siri combined the boy’s cute gesture with some well-timed music for the perfect video. Check it out below. Siri originally made a short video for just his family and friends using one clip, but soon captured more moments and put them to music.
“Every single time we unswaddled him from a night’s sleep or a nap, his arms would pop up as if spring-loaded. It was automatic,” Siri told BuzzFeed. “So I started to capture it on my iPhone. I did the Braveheart ‘Freedom’ clip as just a little joke and our friends & family loved it. So I started to do them every morning to different songs/movie clips.” The adorable video quickly took off and went viral with over 13 million views. Kaden, Siri’s son, now has his own Facebook page to keep up with his newfound fame.
While the swaddling results may be very cute, it has a major purpose for Kaden when he sleeps. “Kaden has a strong startle reflex, also known as the Moro reflex, which causes him to jolt a lot at night and wake himself up,” Siri explained to BuzzFeed. “Swaddling makes him feel safe and secure and helps him sleep. His arms pop up like that because he’s stoked to start the day!” Check out more of Kaden’s cuteness on his Instagram and YouTube pages. Your Daily Dish has reached out to Kent Siri for a comment.
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