Kendall Jenner’s New Pepsi Advert Attracts Major Criticism


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Kendall Jenner’s new Pepsi advertisement has prompted an online backlash.

The controversial ad, which dropped on Tuesday, shows a blonde Jenner posing for a camera when a protest, featuring people of all colors, ethnicities and backgrounds, marches past her.


After catching the eye of a musician who is walking in the crowd, Jenner rips off her blonde wig and hands it to a black woman, scrubs the lipstick from her mouth and joins the march. Then, echoing an incident that happened at a Black Lives Matter protest, she grabs a can of Pepsi from an overflowing ice bucket and hands it to one of the police officers on duty. After a brief pause, the cop cracks open the can and everyone rejoices.
Celebrities were among the many Twitter users who were quick to condemn the campaign, which carries the slogan, “Live bolder, live louder, live for now”, for co-opting the activism of groups like Black Lives Matters protests against police brutality for Pepsi’s commercial ends. “This Pepsi ad is so unrealistic. Those protesters would have been Dr. Pepper sprayed,” TV host Stephen Colbert stated, while Piers Morgan slammed: “The new @pepsi ad with @KendallJenner is stupefyingly diabolical. Absurd, PC-crazed, virtue-signaling, snowflake claptrap.” “J. Edgar Hoover takes aim from the grassy knoll. The motorcade approaches. He fires. JFK raises a #Pepsi to his lips, blocks the bullet,” Patton Oswalt joked, with Samantha Ronson simply writing: “Nah bro.” Announcing the ad, Pepsi said in a statement: “This is a global ad that reflects people from different walks of life coming together in a spirit of harmony. We think that’s an important message to convey.” Jenner, 21, is yet to comment on the controversy, though did share a link to the advert not long after it dropped. The feedback wasn’t all negative though; Jenner’s mother Kris Jenner shared her joy at her offspring landing the gig. “So proud of you @kendalljenner! Thank you @pepsi for choosing Kendall to be the face of your new campaign! #Pepsi #PepsiMoment #LiveforNow,” she posted.

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