Kelis Confirms She’s Expecting Second Child


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Courtesy of WENN Newsdesk

R&B star-turned-celebrity chef Kelis, singer of the hit song, “Milkshake,” has confirmed reports she’s expecting her second child.

The singer appeared to be sporting the baby belly when she performed at the AfroPunk festival in Brooklyn, New York, on Saturday, August 22, and now she has confirmed the happy news, revealing she has a craving for tomatoes. Um, weird…


Kelis, who has a son from her marriage to rapper Nas, told Us Weekly, “I’m pregnant! I’m so excited! It’s really amazing… My neighbor grows tomatoes and leaves them on my doorstep and I’ll cut them up, use salt and pepper, and just eat them like that! And if someone talks about a certain food, my pregnancy brain gets so focused and I have to have it!” The second-time mom-to-be reveals her six year old, Knight, can’t wait to become a big brother. She added, “My son is excited… and I’m thrilled. With my cookbook coming out and a new baby, it’s a really exciting time for us.” Kelis’ cookbook, My Life on a Plate, is scheduled for release on Oct 15. I can’t believe “milkshake” wasn’t somewhere in that title.

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