Groom Picks His 90-Year-Old Grandfather to Serve as His Best Man at His Wedding


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Since he was a young boy, KC Schafer knew that his grandfather would stand by his side when he got married. Schafer and his grandfather, Charles, have been the best of friends since he was born. So, when Schafer was planning his wedding, he did not hesitate to ask his grandpa to be his best man. “He’s been my role model and idol since I was a little kid,” KC Schafer told ABC News. “I spend so much time with him. He pretty much modeled me into the man I am today.” Charles Schafer and his grandson have joked around about the idea since he was a little kid. However, Schafer’s grandfather never thought he was serious about the plan. “I didn’t think he’d want an old man up there,” Charles Schafer said to ABC News. Schafer and his grandfather have always had a very strong bond. The 27-year-old lived with his grandfather after his parents got divorced when he was younger. “His dad and his mom got divorced, and they went to live with him,” Schafer’s wife, Sara told Inside Edition. “Charles was basically like a father to him.” The close duo even went engagement ring shopping together. Schafer and his grandfather were going shopping for a coffeemaker and ended up buying a ring instead. “I just sat there and watched him and he kept asking me if I liked them,” Charles Schafer said to ABC News. “He said he was going to go down there to get a coffee maker, and as we got down there he said, ‘Let’s go look at ring jewelry. I said, ‘Are you going to buy a ring for Sara?’ And he did. She’s a wonderful girl.” KC and Sara tied the knot on April 15, coincidentally the same date that his grandpa married his grandmother, Shirley. “That brought back old memories for me,” Charles Schafer told ABC News. “My wife died on Oct. 19, 2015. We had 65 years of marriage.” For KC Schafer, it was incredibly special to have his grandfather play such an important role in his wedding. “I felt real proud. It was an honor,” Charles Schafer said to ABC News.
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