Katy Perry, Foo Fighters, and John Legend Among Slew of Stars Signing Guitar for Planned Parenthood


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Source: Planned Parenthood

Katy Perry, Sam Smith and the Foo Fighters are among the 100 artists who have signed a guitar for a Planned Parenthood raffle.

The U.S. non-profit organization, which provides free reproductive health care and sex education to millions of women, is under threat after President Donald Trump recently signed legislation that lets states across the country deny the company and other abortion providers federal family planning money.


Federal law in the U.S. already prohibits using government money for abortion, except in cases of rape, incest or to save a woman’s life. In an effort to support Planned Parenthood, musicians including Katy, John Legend, Sia, Mark Ronson, Michael Stipe and Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner are among 102 artists and producers who have autographed an acoustic guitar for a special fundraising raffle. The organizers of 7 Inches for Planned Parenthood launched the project which automatically enters people who donate $10 or more to the company into the raffle for the unique instrument. Reuben Cox, owner of Old Style Guitar Shop in Los Angeles, donated the Gibson CJ-165, and started collecting autographs on the guitar after Trump won the presidential election back in November 2016. The shock result of the election immediately threatened the funding for Planned Parenthood, as the new president had previously voiced his opposition to the vital non-profit organization during election rallies. Other artists who have signed the guitar include Feist, Tom Petty, Queens of the Stone Age, Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine and Arcade Fire frontman Richard Reed Parry. The winner of the raffle also receives a bound book of photos of each artist posing with the guitar before signing it.

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