Marvin Gaye’s Music Soothes This Crying Baby


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Source: BlaineNKat/Facebook video Screenshot

The soulful sounds of Marvin Gaye have been long credited with creating babies. A study at Hypebot — a website about music and the business side of it — even named Gaye’s 1973 hit, Let’s Get It On, with the number one spot for most likely to get Americans in the mood.

Now the song is serving a different purpose as babies are reaping the benefits of Gaye’s music as well. It seems that the song calms 1-year-old Brilynn — who stops crying every time she hears it. Her mother, Katherine Dees, discovered the song’s healing powers after it soothed her baby daughter’s savage cries.


On April 10, Dees posted to Facebook about how Gaye’s music helped her wailing baby. “Apparently my daughter. Loves Marvin Gaye,” she wrote. “Every time that Easter commercial comes on. She stops everything she is doing and dances. Lmao. I’m gonna get it on video and post it hopefully tomorrow. So funny.”
The commercial she’s referring to is from Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Dees even tagged Reese’s on Facebook to thank them for the commercial that had a calming affect on her daughter. She wrote, “she Loves your commercial.” There was no reply from Reese’s. Dees decided to capture the magic moment on video. When Brilynn started to cry, she asked her 11 year-old daughter Kayden to hold her while Dees played the commercial on her computer. She posted the video on April 11 to Facebook to prove to her friends that Brilynn was indeed calmed by the soothing sounds of Gaye. It received over 12,000 shares. “See what I mean. She loves Marvin Gaye. Lol,” she wrote.
In the video, little Brilynn can be heard crying as Kayden picks her up from her baby blanket and tries to comfort her. With her next outburst — sitting on her lap — the first three chords of Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On seem to instantly turn her little pout into a smile as her pudgy arms rock out to the music. Her big sister gets a kick out of it as well. Once the media discovered it — it became even more of a viral sensation. “She likes to dance. She’ll do other dances, too, she will shimmy and shake. Every time we saw it would come on –the commercial– she would just stop what she was doing and drop everything and turn around and look,” Blaine Thornton — Brilynn’s father and Dees’ fiance said to Texas television station KPRC. Dees downloaded the commercial on her phone to help Brilynn calm down in case they are not at home. She told Today, “Originally only the commercial would get her attention, but now if I play the song on my phone it works just as good to grab her attention.” This is not the first time music has done the trick for a fidgety Brilynn. Katherine Dees told Today she suffered from acid reflux issues and whenever she was uncomfortable, she would often sing to her. “She thankfully grew out of the tummy and acid reflux issues, but the love for sounds and music never stopped,” Katherine Dees said. Here’s what a happy Brilynn looks like.

Source: BlaineNKat/Facebook

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