Justice Is Blind – A Judge And Her Adopted Pug Friend


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Mikey_The_Pug There are so many wonderful animals waiting to be adopted in shelters and rescue groups nationwide, but some are more amazing than others! While puppies and kittens get tons of attention, potential adoptive pet parents often overlook the benefits of a more “seasoned” companion. They tend to be calmer, housebroken and easier for busy households to incorporate without a lot of hiccups. The star of this video has tons of character, and because his new mom took a chance on him, we get to experience his very unique talents. I wonder if the bailiffs and judge jump in with a little harmony when the cameras aren’t rolling?


As Judge Johnson explains, she had some concerns when she first adopted Mikey because of his unique condition, but spending time dealing the situation quickly resolved all of her jitters. Now she gets to share her life with love, cuddles and beautiful music – at least to her ears. I wonder if Mikey would have been so outgoing if he was still in a shelter, waiting for a forever home – realistically, probably not. It seems like this chance meeting brought out the best in both pet parent and pet here, and that’s ultimately the aim of any adoption agency. With social media becoming so popular in our daily lives, it’s nice to see heartwarming stories like this in our status feeds instead of depressing news stories. Everyone – human or animal – deserves a chance to shine and share their life with people that love and appreciate them. When high-profile adoptive pet parents like Judge Johnson are willing to share their stories and the reasons they love their pets, it helps promote visibility for the cause and encourage others to think about adopting a special needs or older pet of their own. The judge got to have a little 15 minutes of fame with Mikey, the Michigan Humane society got a great blurb for their website and advertising and the residents of the area got a peek into the kind and generous nature of one of their legislative officials. That’s a win all around!
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