Jon Stewart Lets Loose on Trump Supporters on ‘The Late Show’


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Jon Stewart has never been shy about his political stance, and he has used his natural comedic chops to make his views accessible and entertaining for audiences.

Many viewers were saddened by his retirement from his Comedy Central special, The Daily Show, but he recently made an appearance on his former colleague Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show, and in true Stewart fashion, he did not disappoint.


He made a Muppet-like entrance, coming out from beneath Colbert’s desk and wondered if he could talk a little about the Republican National Convention (after a raucous celebration away from the camera upon hearing the news of Fox News CEO Roger Ailes stepping down from his position due to a sex scandal). “There is no real America,” Stewart says, equipped with a clip-on tie and gray T-shirt, during a 10-minute onslaught on Donald Trump’s supporters, specifically Fox News’ own Sean Hannity, who Stewart refers to as “Lumpy.” Stewart’s hilarious, yet informed tirade seems to reflect what a year away from the camera does to someone who believes so passionately in what he is saying. Check out the video of Stewart’s takeover of The Late Show below:

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