Teen Receives Prized Guitar Gift Two Months After His Father Passes Away


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Johnny Crow

Source: Facebook/Chandler Mae Crow

Losing a family member can be a truly difficult experience for anybody. When Johnny Crow lost his revered father, he was at a loss, but two months after his father’s passing, a gift left the teenager stunned.

49-year-old John Crow passed away on April 1 after suffering a heart attack in his home. His son, 16-year-old Johnny, was there with his father and performed CPR until rescue crews arrived. At the hospital, doctors’ efforts couldn’t revive John Crow.


“It’s a very difficult experience seeing your hero on his deathbed,” said Johnny, according to USA Today. But two months later, Johnny’s older sister received a phone call from a local music store, saying they had something for Johnny. USA Today reported Peter Kruse, owner of Port Huron Music Center, called Johnny’s sister, Chandler Mae Crow, to tell her there was a birthday present at the store for Johnny’s 16th birthday. Chandler Mae took Johnny to the store where she filmed the teen opening a card. The employees at the store then brought out a huge black case with a Dean Razorback guitar inside. Chandler Mae captured Johnny’s reaction and posted the video to Facebook. Then, it went viral. Since being posted on June 7, over 12 million people have watched the heartbreaking reaction Johnny has opening the guitar case. Over 6,000 people have left messages of kindness and support in the video that’s been liked nearly 50,000 times.
The gift was extra special, as it represented a special bond between Johnny and his father. “I discovered music and it was amazing how it made me feel,” Johnny Crow told USA Today. “It made that sadness go away, it made me more like my father, who I so aspired to be.” Chandler Mae told USA Today that her father said Johnny would “be famous one day” for his music. If anything, he and his father are now famous for their heartwarming bond displayed in the video. Please SHARE this touching moment with all of your friends.