Joan Rivers’ Ashes Scattered In Wyoming


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According to reports, Joan Rivers’ daughter, Melissa Rivers, scattered some of the late comedienne’s ashes in Wyoming after taking her first family vacation there without her mother.

The funny-woman died on September 4, 2014 after a botched throat operation in New York City, and as the first anniversary of her passing looms, Melissa Rivers reveals she and her 14-year-old son, Cooper, recently found a special way to honor the funny-woman during their annual summer holiday.


Rivers told Entertainment Tonight, “Coop and I took our annual family vacation to Wyoming, – [the] first without my mom – and scattered some of her ashes there so we can still be together every August as a family.” And Melissa admits she and her boy will be keeping things low-key as the world mourns the loss of her mom this Friday on the first anniversary of her passing away. She said, “He (Cooper) is going to go to school, I am going to go to work and come home and light a candle and have a glass of wine.” She added, “For my mother… the most important thing this year (is) that Cooper is OK. Cooper and I talk about what would be the best way to honor her legacy, and the best way to honor her legacy is to be OK.”

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