Man Shares His Secret for Avoiding a Rash From Poison Ivy


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Thanks to one man and this clever trick, you will never have to worry about catching poison ivy again.

Dr. Jim Brauker has figured out a way to stop poison ivy in its tracks. For the past 25 years, Brauker has studied skin inflammation as a biomedical scientist. Brauker is now sharing his amazing discovery about reducing the effects of poison ivy in a viral video on YouTube.


In the video, Brauker explains that the best way to reduce the rash and itch from occurring is to remove the oils that leach on the skin. The oils stick to your skin, giving you around two to eight hours to remove them before the itch sets in. The oil from the plant is called “urushiol” and should come off easily using normal soap, cold water, and a washcloth. Make sure to use the washcloth to create friction on your skin. The combination of the soap and friction should remove the oils.

Extreme Deer Habitat

Jim Brauker also shares that it is very important to use cold water in this situation. If you use warm water, it opens your pores allowing the oils to get inside of your skin. Keep this page handy during the summer months! You will never know when you will need it. Check out the full tutorial below.
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