Jessica Alba’s Honest Company Now Valued at $1.7 Billion


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Jessica Alba

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Jessica Alba has been focusing on the business, which sells non-toxic items including diapers, household cleaners and beauty products, since its launch in 2012, and in August 2014, experts estimated the firm was worth $1 billion after racking up $60 million in sales in 2013.



In the 12 months since that valuation, The Honest Company’s sales have almost tripled to $170 million , boosting its worth to $1.7 billion, according to The Wall Street Journal.   Alba, who is currently enjoying a summer getaway with her family in Cancun, Mexico, has yet to comment on the new valuation.   The financial news emerges days after The Honest Company hit headlines for all the wrong reasons after angry customers complained about the ineffectiveness of the brand’s sunscreen products.   Alba responded to the controversy in a post on Instagram, writing, “Protecting our loved ones and yours is the reason we founded Honest. As parents, it pains us to hear that anyone has had a negative experience with our Sunscreen. We develop and use Honest Sunscreen to protect our own children… at the park, in the pool, outside, every day. As with everything we do, we take sun protection seriously here at Honest.”  
  The actress and her business partner Christopher Gavigan also penned an open letter to consumers, vowing to “do what it takes to make it right”.

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