Cops and Firefighters Saved the Day When No One Showed Up to This 8-Year-Old’s Birthday Party


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When an 8-year-old boy had a pretty disappointing birthday party, a group of firefighters and cops found the perfect way to turn his special day around. Jennifer Day had planned an incredibly fun birthday celebration for her son, Graham, but unfortunately none of his classmates showed up. Luckily, a group of firefighters and cops came by to save the day. “We threw up our lights, hit the sirens a few times, and [Graham] started running across the driveway, stopped on the grass, and he was just in shock at that point,” Lieutenant Mark Schwobel of the Hurst Police Department told Inside Edition. “He was showing us his Nerf guns. He looked like he was having a heyday with all the extra company and attention there.” Sadly, this isn’t the first time that this has happened to Day. When Graham Day was just 6 years old, none of his classmates attended his party that year. Day attributes the lack of friends to her younger son, Charlton, who is nonverbal and has autism. “His younger brother is not always the easiest to get around. He’d be unmanageable sometimes, having some meltdowns, and some days were worse than others,” Day told Inside Edition. “There’s awareness for a child that has autism. What nobody seems to understand is that the normal siblings suffer terribly because of it.” When Day saw a similar situation happening at her son’s latest birthday party, she knew she had to come up with a quick fix and fast. “He just says, ‘This always happens,’ Day said to Inside Edition. “He was just this broken little boy.” Jennifer Day quickly posted about the party on social media telling her friends to come and stop by. She also went to the police station with her husband hoping to get an officer to make an appearance. The officer agreed and brought his entire team, including some firefighters, with him. “We’re pretty much willing to do just about everything,” Schwobel told Inside Edition. “That’s what the job entails. We just want to help the community […] especially a young kid [who had] nobody show up at his birthday party. A lot of people don’t think we have hearts, but we’re people too.” Once the officers arrived, the party quickly turned around and Graham was having the time of his life.

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It was nice to sing happy birthday and be able to be there and see the effect it had, the emotion he had,” one officer said to Philadelphia television station KYW. Overall, Graham Day had a great birthday. “By the end of it, I think he forgot that his friends didn’t come over for his birthday,” Jennifer Day told The Dallas Morning News. “They went above and beyond and made his day.”
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