Doctor Allows 12-Year-Old Girl to Assist in Delivery of Her Baby Brother


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Jacee Dellapena

Source: Love What Matters Facebook

For 12-year-old Jacee Dellapena, the birth of her baby brother will be a memory she will never forget.

During the delivery of Dellapena’s baby brother, the 12-year-old got upset because she thought she wouldn’t be tall enough to see the delivery. Luckily, her mother’s doctor had another suggestion so Dellapena would not miss a second of the delivery.


They converted my bed and Jacee was so upset because she is so short… she thought she wasn’t going to be able to see the delivery over the bed. My doctor, Dr. Walter Wolfe, then suggested, ‘Jacee, why don’t you suit up and come deliver the baby?’” Dellapena’s mother, Dede Carraway, wrote in a post on Love What Matters. When the doctor first suggested the assistance, Dellapena thought it was all a joke. “I was like, are you kidding me? Are you being real?” Dellapena told Today. Carraway was also taken aback by the suggestion, but ultimately gave the approval. “I couldn’t believe it. I was like, what? Uh, no. Never in a million years. But the doctor said, ‘I’m being serious. I’ll guide her hands and everything,’” Carraway told Today. “So she got up in there and was suddenly in the middle of everything.” Dr. Wolfe guided Dellapena through the whole delivery. He put her hands on the inside of his to give the 12-year-old a real time experience. Dellapena even got to assist in cutting the umbilical cord.
While Dellapena was not hesitant at all to jump in, she did get a bit nervous during the delivery. “I was a nervous wreck. Nervous and shocked at the same time,” Dellapena said to Today. “I was scared I was going to mess up or do something wrong because there are plenty of things you can do wrong.” The amazing experience also provided for some emotional reaction photos from Dellapena. A family friend first saw the photos and knew they had to be shared. The images have quickly gone viral, with 75,000 likes on the Love What Matters page alone. “From the pictures, you see the expressions on her face…there just was not a dry eye in the room. She made everybody, I think including the doctor, tear up at her emotion because she was just so happy. I can’t even explain the emotions that I had,” Carraway told the Huffington Post.
Jacee Dellapena cannot wait to share this story with her new baby brother once he is older. “I couldn’t believe it,” Jacee Dellapena told Today. “It was like, oh my goodness, I just delivered a baby, and it’s my baby brother, and I’m going to tell him when he gets older that I delivered him. I can’t wait.” See the full post below:

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