Italian Police Comfort Lonely Elderly Couple With Pasta After Neighbors Hear Them Crying


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Source: Questura di Roma/Facebook

Source: Questura di Roma/Facebook

Police officers never know what could happen when they answer a call. Last week, for some members of the Roman police, the night ended with them cooking pasta for an elderly couple.

A poetic Facebook post on the police force’s page narrates this touching story. The couple, identified as Jole, 89, and Michele, 94, had been watching television, and became overwhelmed by the bleak news report. The couple had also been isolated and lonely for some time, and that night, their sadness drove them to tears.

“Life isn’t always easy,” says the post. “Especially when the city is empty and the neighbors are away on vacation. Sometimes, the loneliness melts into tears. […] Jole and Michele love each other. But when loneliness is a burden on the heart, they can lose hope.”

The couple’s cries prompted neighbors to call the police, who quickly realized there was no crime here, just two distraught people in need of comfort and reassurance. Sometimes, people just need to feel taken care of for a little while.

Source: Questura di Roma/Facebook/Bon Appétit

Source: Questura di Roma/Facebook/Bon Appétit

So, after calling an ambulance as a precaution, the officers asked for permission to use the kitchen and whipped up a quick pasta dinner.

“A bowl of pasta with butter and cheese. Nothing special. But with one precious ingredient inside: all our humanity.”

The couple ate heartily.

Some might say these officers went above and beyond their duty, but their spontaneous kindness shows how simple gestures can mean the world to those in need.

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