Is Graduate School The Right Choice For You?


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Do you want to be a professor? Are you in grad school, applying, or preparing to apply? Professor Michael Munger of Duke University outlines the three “do’s and don’ts” of making a decision about grad school – all in the two and a half minute video above. Ready to start? Learn about scholarships, seminars, and a wide-range of career resources that help you begin the next chapter of your life. Do: Go to grad school if your goal is to become a professor. Don’t: Go to grad school to wait out a recession or “find yourself”. Don’t: Go into debt by attending graduate school. Grad schools and scholarship providers fund individuals who have the best chance of succeeding in academia, so use funding as a signal for whether you should pursue a Ph.D.
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Source: The Institute for Humane Studies (IHS)

Applying to Graduate School: Interactive Playlist
With this series of short videos, we will prepare you for the grad school application process, provide guidance about choosing the right program for you, and tackle the right and wrong reasons to pursue grad school. Ready to act? Visit the graduate student one-stop resource center to attend a nearby event, apply for funding, and sign-up for updates.

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