Inspiring Fable Reveals How There Is Beauty in Broken Things


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inspiring fable

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Most people tend to have little cracks, little flaws for everyone to see. Comparing yourself to others who don’t have the same flaws as you, one often wishes to be better and we tend to blindly skip over our own beauty and potential. This short inspiring fable will surely stir something inside of you, if not make you shed a tear.

The fable is a story of two water pots. One seemingly works perfectly, while the other has cracks in it. The cracked pot realizes its flaws and begins to feel worthless. But with the help of its’ water bearer, the cracked pot realizes just how valuable it is. It may have flaws, but it failed to notice the beauty which came from those imperfections, realizing the beauty wouldn’t exist if its flaws weren’t there. The cracked pot begins to accept and appreciate its flaws.


The short clip delivers a powerful message: People are much like these two water pots. Some of us appear fine and work well, while others have visible cracks for the world to see. While you’re looking down at your flaws, other people are seeing something entirely different. The cracked water pot kept frowning at its flaws. It never saw the trail of flowers it left behind. What you consider to be imperfections can be considered perfections in another person’s eyes, leaving a trail of beauty for everyone to see. Everyone should remember that there is still beauty in the broken parts of them. Watch the inspiring fable to get a stir of emotions. SHARE its positive message to help put a smile on someone’s face.
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