If You Have Never Seen A Whale Spout A Rainbow, Then You’re In For A Treat!


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Once-In-A-Lifetime Moment When A Humpback Whale Blew Rainbows From Its Blowhole!

It was a truly remarkable and memorable moment when Photographer Mark Girardeau and his friends, Royce Hutain & Jason Anderson, went out searching for Humpback Whales off The Coast of Newport Beach, California.  Last weekend these men had the true pleasure of capturing this once-a-lifetime moment on film using their Drones they were able to see a humpback whale blowing rainbows from its blowhole!

Girardeau’s Drone Video Posted on his Instagram Account on July 5th has spread virally online, and he wanted to point out that it was completely unedited.


This mesmerizing Video from a Drone filmed on July 5th.

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