Husband Surprises Wife, Who Has Multiple Sclerosis, With Flash Mob for 10th Anniversary


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Source: LPOOLMEDIAACADEMY's channel YouTube

Source: LPOOLMEDIAACADEMY’s channel YouTube

You’re going to want the tissues nearby for this one.

Carl Gilberston and his wife Laura have been married for 10 years. After seeing a flash mob proposal on television, Gilberston’s wife, who has multiple sclerosis, got very emotional and Gilberston knew he had to do something similar for their wedding anniversary.


Gilberston then recruited a bunch of students from the local performing arts college in their hometown of Liverpool, England to perform a flash mob and sing “Just the Way You Are,” to Gilberston’s wife. Check out the video below.
“When we met, although having MS, she was fully able bodied, worked as a children’s nurse and we’d been together for a little while before she even told me, because it was no big deal,” Gilbertson shared with Today. He continued, “So the song was important only in the sense that I wanted her to know that no matter what may change, I love her just as she is and that to me she’s perfect.” Gilbertson and his wife met about 15 years ago when MS didn’t effect Laura’s day-to-day life that often. “She always bounced back,” Gilbertson said. A few months after their honeymoon, the disease took a turn and left Gilbertson’s wife in a wheelchair. Other than being bound to a wheelchair her health is pretty stable. “She has no pain, nothing stops her, she drags me to musicals I don’t want to see and concerts where I don’t know what they’re singing,” he said. “I guess I wanted to make a fuss of our 10th anniversary because she’s been so brave in fighting back.” Gilbertson was able to pull off the surprise flash mob by telling his wife that they were visiting his parents in a shopping center. After putting the video online it was quick to go viral with over 151K views and was featured on popular Facebook page, Love What Matters. “We’ve been very touched by people who’ve said ‘how much in love’ we are, because it’s not like it’s something we rehearse. It’s just the way it is,” he said. The video also drew attention to MS, something Gilbertson was not expecting. “Not everyone is as lucky as we are to have such a support team and if this makes folk stop to think about the neighbor, colleague or whoever who may be struggling but not able to ask for help — then that’s great,” he said. “We never talk about MS as a way to define Laura. Right now, it’s causing her difficulties and we do what we can to make those tough things easier, but she lived a very normal life once and she’ll fight with everything to make sure she gets as much of that back as we can.”
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