An Honest Drug Dealer. How Nice


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We’ve all had bad days. Sometimes it’s just getting splashed by a puddle while waiting on the corner. Other times it’s our coworkers swiping our pudding cups from the company fridge. Those are the days where we don’t have control over the situation. Then there are the bad days we have when we make our own colossal mistakes. If you’re a drug dealer, you’re already on the path of making mistakes. When it comes to criminal making mistakes, West Palm Beach, Florida resident Robert Phillips has set the bar high.

The local deputies arrested the 25-year old Phillips when his cut in front of an unmarked Palm Beach County Sheriff’s car. Mistake #1.


A quick check of the records, found he was driving in a stolen car. Mistake #2. The reasons the Phillips cut off the sheriff’s car was that he got into a high speed chase trying to escape the popo. Mistake #3. He was attempting to make that escape because detectives watched him make a drug transaction on the street. Mistake #4. Inside the car, the police found 5.3 grams of crack cocaine. Mistake #5. Phillips was personally holding 22 grams of heroin and $2,316 in cold hard cash. Mistake #6. And to wrap it all up, while filling out his background information on his arrest report, Phillips listed as his occupation…. wait for it… “Drug dealer.” Mistake #7. Congratulations, Robert, you win the award for worst day of the week so far.

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