His Dog Refused To Abandon Him, So When The Tables Turn He Does This


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His dog refused to abandon him, so when the tables turn he does this.

It’s a well known fact that dogs are a man’s best friend, but what if a man became a dog’s best friend? As strange as it may sound, this story was definitely the case in the relationship between Ben Moon and his dog Denali. With both human and animal switching sides in times of dire need, here’s a look at Ben and Denali’s friendship – and role reversal – that went beyond walks and rounds of fetch. So before we go into Denali’s struggle, we’re going to touch on Ben’s struggle… and the unique visitor that remained by his throughout the extensive process.


Surviving Cancer Ben and Denali had an unbreakable friendship for years, as every adventure the free spirited Ben went on… Denali was trailing right behind. Camping, hiking, surfing, mountain climbing, you name it, with Ben and Denali living day to day by the seat of their pants. However, this all changed when Ben was diagnosed with cancer, as it challenged their bond as partners in crime… with one possibly embarking on their own. So during these trying times, Denali provided the comfort of home to Ben’s hospital bed by sleeping by his side throughout the entire process. Ben eventually beat cancer with Denali by his side, but both were confronted by the same enemy later on in life… as it went after Ben’s best friend. The Tables Have Turned Since Ben had beaten cancer with Denali in tow, both were well aware of what Denali was about to endure. However, Denali’s chance of survival was relatively slim due to the circumstances. As this was accepted by both parties, Ben remained by Denali’s side as they continued their adventures… confronting death yet again until Denali was ready to go. With a such a difficult goodbye, both put together a wonderful film of Ben and Denali’s adventures with Ben’s narrative for Denali. This moving celebration of  life captured on film not only shows a man’s relationship with a dog, but a speechless bond of mutual respect that could easily rival most humans.
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