Prematurely Born Baby Hippo Finally Reunites With Mother in Adorable Video


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Source: Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden Facebook

At the Cincinnati Zoo, Fiona the baby hippo has become quite the star.

The 6-month-old baby hippo was born prematurely weighing just 29 pounds. With an uncertain future, the zoo kept a close eye on Fiona, which resulted in keeping her away from her mother.


While the zoo provided an overabundance of affection and care, she still craved some motherly love. After six months away, the baby hippo finally reunited with her mother, Bibi, allowing for a pretty adorable reintroduction. Check out the reunion below:
The zoo kept a barrier between the mother and daughter for Fiona’s protection. Since the baby hippo is so small, the zoo didn’t want anything to happen to her. Later in the week, the barrier was taken down and the pair got to have some great bonding time. The duo played together for about 30 minutes and then snuggled for a relaxing visit.
It really doesn’t get cuter than this! Check out more from the reunion below!

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