Hiker Carries Dying Dog Down Mountain To Save Its Life


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RescuePitBull_Elijah A simple hike up a mountain turned into a race against time when a woman stumbled upon a dying dog and took it upon herself to try and rescue the animal.


Andi Davis was hiking a mountain trail in the Phoenix Mountain Reserves when she spotted an injured pitbull lying on the rocks. Fearing the animal might be violent, Davis hesitated to approach it, but when the pit bull raised its’ forlorn head and looked at Davis, she knew she needed to try and help. She approached the dog lying helpless on the rocks. She thought its’ legs must be broken. Davis gave the dog her water and soothed it. Feeling she could finally attempt to lift the pit bull, she took up the 50-pound dog into her arms. For nearly an hour, she carried the heavy dog down the treacherous mountainside, but managed to muster the strength to get it to the bottom where Davis’ husband and daughter waited. They rushed the animal to the humane society where they were in for an even bigger shock. RescuePitBull_Daughter It turns out the pit bull hadn’t broken its’ legs after all, but had been shot through the neck. Since the bullet had managed to go straight through the pit bull, veterinarians didn’t need to operate, only stop the bleeding. Before long, the pit bull was stable and recovering. But one thing remained: he needed a home. Not too worry. The Davis family made the easy decision to adopt the pit, naming him Elijah, and taking him home with his new family of three other dogs. Now, Elijah has a loving home, new best friends, and a second chance at a long, happy doggy life. RescuePitBull_HappyFamily To see the full story, check out the incredible video below.

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