Highest Paid YouTube Stars


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When you were growing up, did your parents ever tell you that spending all of your time on the Internet would never get you anywhere? Well, you should send this list to them right now and say, “See Mom?! This could have been me! I could have been a contender! I could have been an Internet millionaire just like in The Social Network except without writing math on the windows with a Sharpie!” I’m kidding, don’t yell at your Mom (even though she was wrong).

Ever since YouTube started running pre-roll and banner ads over popular videos, our favorite Internet celebrities have been able to turn their loyal niche fan base into cold hard cash. You may have seen an ad in front of a video and thought, “well they can’t be making THAT much off of videos,” and in many cases, you’re probably right. But with record-breaking video views comes record-breaking payouts. These 15 YouTube channels have turned their passion into fortune, becoming the Highest Paid Stars on YouTube:


HWDR-CrazyRussianHacker-RECCrazyRussianHacker – Estimated $1.82 million annually A lot of YouTube aliases are frankly a bunch of gibberish, but I must admit, this guy had me at “CrazyRussianHacker.” His YouTube channel is for the experimenter in all of us who are too afraid of blowing up our houses to try out what happens when we stick the wrong thing in the microwave or try out homemade science experiments. He can sure afford to blow up some tools, though. CrazyRussianHacker’s YouTube page brings in roughly $1.82 million a year. [youtube_sc url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1QjgZCcNig” title=”Crazy%20Russian%20Hacker”]

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