Harrison Ford Crashes Plane. The Internet Reacts


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Yesterday, Harrison Ford crashed his single engine plane onto a golf course shortly after take off. The world held it’s breath for news of the beloved Hollywood icon. When word came that he would be okay, the Internet breathed a sigh of relief. Then they got busy. Here’s what happened:

1. Breaking News: Harrison Ford removed from crash scene.


View image on Twitter 2. Witnesses sighted a baby weasel as leading cause of crash. View image on Twitter 3. Police release sketch of suspicious person fleeing the airspace. View image on Twitter 4. The world waited for news of Ford’s injuries. View image on Twitter 5. A far far away view of crash scene. View image on Twitter 6. Actual quote from the scene… Embedded image permalink 7. Purported pictures of moments just before the crash. Embedded image permalink 8. Longtime pal Chewbacca released a statement. Embedded image permalink 9. Rescue workers clean up after the crash. Embedded image permalink 10. View from inside the plane’s cockpit. Embedded image permalink   11. Golf course “looky-loos” swarm the scene. Embedded image permalink            

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