George and Amal Clooney Donate $10,000 to Animal Rescue


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Source: WENN, Camp Cocker Rescue Facebook

George Clooney and his wife Amal have donated $10,000 to an animal rescue center in California.

The couple, who are expecting twins, donated the funds to Camp Cocker Rescue to help care for nine dogs recently rescued from a backyard breeder.


“We literally didn’t know how we were even going to begin to start paying for all of these new dogs that we took in on the same day,” Camp Cocker founder Cathy Stanley tells People, revealing the Clooneys cash will go towards “the vet and boarding bills” for the nine dogs. “Each of these dogs has never been to a vet in their entire lives, so it’s quite a bit to get them caught up. They all needed blood work done, deep ear cleanings, some had wounds where their nails had grown around into the pads of their feet, they all needed baths/grooming, many had matted hair that needed to be shaved down.” The Clooney’s donation was initially anonymous, but they subsequently gave permission to Stanley to go public.
“After we all did happy dances and cried with happiness for this unbelievable matching donation offer – we then asked the donors if (and only if they gave us their permission)… if we could reveal their names to our supporters in order to help us reach our big goal this month,” a Facebook post reads. “They were so very gracious to give us permission to reveal their names. We want to thank George and Amal Clooney for their unbelievable donation.” This isn’t the first time Clooney has supported the shelter — he adopted two Cocker Spaniels from Camp Cocker. “George adopted Einstein, his first Camp Cocker dog, from us in early 2010,” Stanley says. “When we were doing the home safety check I had asked George how he learned of Einstein and he said he saw him on AdoptaPet and liked the goofy look of him.”

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