A Gecko and Its Toy Doppelgänger Take the Internet by Storm


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It is a common kernel of wisdom that before you can love anyone else, you have to love yourself — but this gecko may have taken that advice just a wee bit too far.


The adorable creature has become internet famous during the past several days thanks to images showing it snuggled up with a toy gecko that looks alarmingly like a mini-me. In a majority of the shots, the live gecko looks remarkably like he’s wearing a large smile. The photos, which came to a wider audience after they were shared on Twitter by well-known YouTuber Taylor Nicole Dean, are original to an Instagram account belonging to a user named @589_tomo. The account is full of adorable images of the lizard and his plastic counterpart that are too cute for words.
More adorable images of the gecko, with and without his plastic counterpart, can be found at @589_tomo’s Instagram account.

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