French Bulldog Loves to Howl Along When Their Favorite Song Comes on the Radio


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french bulldog sings

Source: Rumble

We’re all guilty of it. Our favorite song comes on the radio and we start drumming softly on the steering wheel and bopping our head a little. The beat picks up and the drumming grows and now we’re humming. The bridge hits and that inescapable riff lands. The chorus hits and boom — we’re belting out our favorite lines at the top of our lungs.

For one motorist in Germany, this is a common occurrence, but with an added bonus. When the song “Diamonds” comes on the radio, he and his black and white French bulldog, Junior, create an unforgettable — and adorable — musical duo. The man is completely into it and his dog watches curiously for a moment before…well, just watch when this French bulldog sings.


It turns out that it’s not just singing. Junior seems like a very talkative little guy altogether. His two owners displayed this in a separate video where Junior practices speaking other “languages.” We can’t get enough of this little guy. SHARE his funny antics with your friends on Facebook!

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