An Epic Battle Between a Man and an Excavator Caught on Video


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Source: Sploid/Youtube

Source: YouTube/Nicolas Gabriel-Robez

David vs Goliath. Batman vs Bane. College Graduates vs Crippling Debt. History has long given us these legendary battles in which a seemingly outmatched hero conquers a larger than life opponent. And once again, we are graced with another epic battle, this time between man and machine.

Behold: Random Dude vs Excavator!


Now, it remains to be seen what this man’s beef was with this particular excavator, but we can all agree that his passion, his relentlessness, and his will are all inspiring. In the video you can see his struggle to reach the excavator’s one weakness (a.k.a., the two guys driving it and wondering what the hell is going on). Our hero is never deterred, edging closer and closer with his weapons (a.k.a. stones that he finds around the worksite) for greater blows until finally, his battle is ended (a.k.a. the Finnish police arrive to arrest him). And even though he was not the victor on this day, this unnamed hero will remain an inspiration to all of us who are tackling enemies and obstacles that are larger and more powerful than we are. He shows us that perseverance and strength of heart will ultimately get you what you desire (or, at least get you close enough to break a window).

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