Eliza Dushku Takes Aim at One Direction for Hotel Move


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Eliza Dushku takes aim at One Direction for hotel move

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Eliza Dushka took to Twitter to take aim at One Direction on Friday, July 31, 2015, claiming she was kicked out of her suite at the unidentified venue because hotel staff were preparing for the arrival of the band, who is due to continue their On The Road Again tour in Pittsburgh on Sunday, August 2, 2015.

    Making reference to the group’s new single, Drag Me Down, she tweeted, “#DragMeDown Don’t worry @OneDirection.. It was super chill movin outta my hotel room so u can have the ENTIRE FLOOR I’ve been staying on for 2 months.”   Dushku, who was shooting crime series Banshee in the area, also shared a photo of her luggage and other belongings piled onto a trolley cart after exiting her room.   She later appeared to brush off the incident. She continued to add.

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