This Nurse Is Creating Magical Works of Art at a Texas Children’s Hospital


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Source: Cook Children’s Facebook

Thanks to Edgar Palomo, the children at Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas are smiling a little brighter.

Palomo is a nurse on the hematology and oncology floor at the children’s hospital and has found a way to connect to the kids on the floor through his artwork. Palomo spends several hours working on his dry erase drawings, which feature scenes from Inside Out and Beauty and the Beast.


Palomo first got the idea to share his creations about three years ago. Some of his drawings can take up to two weeks to complete. “I work at night, and sometimes there’s a little bit of downtime, so I’ll work on it a little at a time, maybe like 15 minutes at a time,” Palomo told The Huffington Post. “I definitely don’t finish them all in one night. It takes like a week or two weeks to finally get it all done, but definitely work comes first.”
The Cook Children’s Medical Center shared a picture of Palomo’s drawings on their Facebook page, where the images quickly took off with over 4,000 likes. Many people wrote personal anecdotes about the drawings as well, sharing their experiences with Palomo as their nurse. “He is an amazing nurse and artist he surprised my son with the Hulk hanging on his wall one morning he was always smiling and laughing he is amazing in so many ways I always loved seeing his new work every time I passed the board it brightened my day,” one user wrote. “Awe Edgar was my son’s night nurse several times on the 5th floor & he drew him a plants vs zombies picture & my son was so happy to see it in the morning hanging on in his room. Love our nurses at Cook Children’s Medical Center,” another user shared. Along with his artistic creations, Palomo takes request from the patients for individual drawings.
He hopes that his artwork brings a positive energy to the floor to help the kids and their parents. “From what I’ve seen, it tends to make the kids and even the parents really happy.” Edgar Palomo told The Huffington Post. “Anything to normalize the environment and cheer them up.” According to Julee Waller, the Nurse Manager in the Hematology/Oncology department at Cook Children’s Medical Center, the children at the hospital really treasure Palomo’s drawings.
“The kids are elated when they wake up to his drawings that he leaves in their room or when they see a completed project on the dry erase board,” Waller wrote to Your Daily Dish. “Our patients are incredibly resilient and strong and hearing their personal testimonies of how they keep Edgar’s drawings long after their treatment because it reminds them of their fight and motivates them is truly touching.”
Through his drawings, Palomo just hopes to put a smile on the kids faces. “I think the public reaction of being touched by his abilities and his heart of sharing this with our patients is a true testament to Edgar and the culture on our Hematology/Oncology unit,” Waller told Your Daily Dish. “Edgar’s mentality is to do any little thing that he can to bring a smile to the faces of our patients to try and bring as much joy as possible to them. What is an even greater gift is that Edgar never signs his work because he doesn’t want it to be about him, he always wants the focus to remain on the children.”
She continued, “Edgar’s art has the ability to bring a smile to your face regardless of the struggles one is currently facing. It is extraordinary that he is capable of creating such magical pictures with just eight dry erase color markers.”
Check out all of the drawings from Edgar Palomo below.
(H/T The Huffington Post)

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