Drop This Expensive Bunny In Your Easter Basket


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Like Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, Easter is big business for the candy companies. How big? In 2012, Americans spent $2.1 billion on Easter candy. That’s a lot of peeps. Next to jellybeans, chocolate bunnies are the top seller. In fact, you simply can’t buy one without the other. For the record, most chocolate bunnies will only run a couple of bucks. However, this year you can bump up your basket with the most expensive Easter bunny out there. How expensive? Try $49,000 expensive.



This bunny is made of 11 pounds of Tanzania origin chocolate. That rounds out to about 548,000 calories because why not? Then comes the bling. This money gets two diamonds for eyes and chocolate eggs decorated with gold leaf. The price for those baubles comes in at around $37,000. You toss in two days of chocolate carving by a fancy chef and things get rounded up to around $49K. The good news is that this chocolate bunny can be frozen for up to two years. That means you can spread out the munchies and not feel like you’re eating $49,000 worth of chocolate in a single weekend. For the record, the bunny makers are the same folks behind the world’s most expensive gingerbread house ($88,000) and the world’s most expensive Christmas pudding ($38,000). Clearly, these folks are catering to an elite clientele. Let’s hope they don’t choke on anything tasty.

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